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ACS: Versace
Miss Saigon Revival
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


Ratched                                                   Dr. Richard Hanover                      Netflix      

ACS: Versace                                         Modesto Cunanan                          FX/Dir. Matt Bomer

AHS: Apocolypse                                  Ariel Augustus                                  FX

Better Things                                          Self                                                     FX/Dir. Pamela Adlon

Designated Survivor                              Prime Minister Pulu                        ABC

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders       Lama Vajra (Guest Star)                CBS/Dir. Jennifer Lynch

Bones                                                      Adrian Lingao (Guest Star)            CBS / Dir. David Boreanz 

The Mentalist                                         Mr. Lam (Guest Star)                     CBS / Dir. Simon Baker

Las Vegas                                                Cosme Caliyag (Recurring)          NBC 

Sons of Anarchy                                    Asian Elvis                                        FX / Dir. Allen Coulter

Miami Medical                                       Hyperbaric Technician                   CBS/ Dir. Paul McCrane

Monk                                                       Mercenary                                       USA/ Dir. Randall Zisk

Southland                                               Rama                                                 TNT/ Dir. Christopher Chulack

Law & Order L.A.                                 Brant Ross                                        NBC/ Dir. Allen Coulter

Moonlight                                              Co-Star                                            CBS

General Hospital                                  Recurring                                          ABC / Dir. Various


Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary           Engineer                                            Universal

Model Home                                        Mr. Fan                                              High Window Films                       

Blood Ransom                                     Father Mena                                      Tectonic Films

The 5th Voyage Of Sinbad               Genie                                                   Giant Flick, LLC

Proud American                                  Vietnamese father                            LightSource LLC 

Nico’s Sampaguita                              Raul                                                     Sacred Fire Films



Miss Saigon 2017 Revival                 Engineer (Drama Desk Nom.)        Broadway

Miss Saigon 2014 Revival                Engineer (Olivier Nom.)                   London’s West End                     Miss Saigon 1989-2006                 Ensemble, Thuy, Engineer                  Original London, Germany, US Tour,                   (off and on)                                                                                                                                                           Philippines,  Asian Tour, UK Tour.

Sweet Charity                                    Oscar                                                    Reprise 2.0

La Cage Aux Folles                           Georges(Ovation Nom.)                  East West Players 

The Romance of Magno Rubio       Magno Rubio (Ovation Nom.)        [Inside] The Ford

Sweet Karma                                      Vichear Lam                                       Grove Theater Cente

A Little Night Music                         Fredrik Egerman                                East West Players

Allegiance                                           Ensemble/Tatsuo u.s                         The Old Globe, San Diego

Yellow Face                                        DHH / HYH understudy                  Center Theatre Group

Ragtime                                              Tateh                                                     MTLA 

Children of Eden                               Ensemble                                             Papermill Playhouse 

Peregrinasyon                                    Lukas                                                    Ma-Yi Theater 

Les Miserable                                     Enjolras                                                Repertory Philippines

The Wiz                                               Lion                                                       Repertory Philippines

Little Shop of Horrors                      Seymour                                              Repertory Philippines 

Into the Woods                                 Rapunzel’s Prince                               Repertory Philippines

Fools                                                   Slovitch                                                Repertory Philippines

Hamlet                                               Laertes                                                  Actors Actors Inc.



Miss Saigon-London                       Original Cast                                       Cameron Mackintosh Prod.

Miss Saigon-London                       West End Revival  Cast                     Cameron Mackintosh Prod.

Miss Saigon - Germany                 Original German Cast                        Stella GMBH

Children of Eden                            American Cast Rec.                            RCA/BMG


Magno Rubio
The Mentalist/Bones/Miami Medical
Sons of Anarchy/Monk/Las Vegas

Miss Saigon


[The Engineer is] played by Jon Jon Briones, who’s brilliant as an unctuous cock o’ the walk for whom no amount of strutting can hide the sleaziness, mendacity and desperation. The show’s high point  The American Dream” — is more chilling than I’ve ever seen it...

-Deadline Hollywood, Jeremy Gerard 

Jon Jon Briones is doubtless giving the best performance of his long career, and he seems to be enjoying every nanosecond of it. His performance is a creepy treat, from start to finish, chock-full of details and nuance, totally in control, even when things get out of control. He delivers the big production numbers with mad aplomb, especially the over-the-top eleven o’clock number, “The American Dream,”...

-New York Theatre Guild, Michael Hillyer

Jon Jon Briones delivers a knock out performance as the Engineer...his biting rendition of 'American Dream' is a beautiful piece of work and the evenings pleasure."

-Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles

(Jon Jon Briones, flat-out brilliant), the vile but discerning pimp who runs Dreamland... And just wait for his big getaway in “The American Dream,” a show-stopper — and a career-maker for Briones.

-Variety, Marilyn Stasio

Magno Rubio


"Pure theatricality enlivens "The Romance of Magno Rubio" at [Inside] the Ford. The seamless cast is wonderful. Tireless, illiterate Magno (the memorable Jon Jon Briones), though short in stature, has enormous American dreams. Briones, buoyant and moving, makes an ideal Magno."
-LA TIMES,  (critics choice award)

"But the reason to go see The Romance of Magno Rubio... is the remarkably touching and human performance given by Jon Jon Briones as Magno Rubio.  Briones brings a wide-eyed silent wonder to the role, like watching the world through the amazed eyes of a baby.
...Briones captures silently and profoundly the anguish of discovering our love is not always as it seems - Then with a touch of the divine, he finds joy even in his sorrow. It's a moment worth experiencing in any language."
-Curtain Up, KCRW

"Jon Jon Briones, despite his small stature, has enormous stage presence and easily carries the show. His portrayal of Magno Rubio is big-hearted and endearing."
-Theater-Los Angeles

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